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Rubber sheets

VR Trade is the specialist in supplying a wide variety of rubber sheet materials that can be used for the production of gaskets and seals. In addition to standard solid rubber sheets in elastomer qualities like SBR, NBR (Nitrile), EPDM, CR (Neoprene) and NR (pararubber). We also have very specific materials such as Viton® (FPM or FKM), polyurethane (PU) and silicone rubber in stock. All this in many different thicknesses.

Rubber sheet materials can be found in many applications within industrial sectors such as chemical and petrochemicals, shipping, utility, construction, automotive, food and pharmacy, as well as machine and equipment construction.

Consideration must be given to the environment in which the rubber is to work and the duty it is expected to perform. If any doubt exists on any application or the properties which can be obtained from a specific rubber VR Trade should be consulted.

Practical guide for selecting rubber materials

To help selecting the right quality of rubber for your application you can download this guide.

SBR rubber sheeting

Styrene-butadiene Rubbers possesses properties similar to those of natural rubber. Temperature range -20°C to + 70°C.

CR (Neoprene) rubber sheeting

Chloroprene, generally known as Neoprene, has more resistance than natural rubber to sunlight, ozone and oxidation. It has good resistance to heat and does not soften as natural rubber does under severe exposure. It has moderate oil resistance but is not suitable for use with petrol. It can be compounded to possesses flame retardant properties.

NBR (Nitrile) rubber sheeting

Generally known as Nitrile, it has excellent resistance to water, oil, fuel and other petroleum products. It is superior to most elastomers in compression set, cold flow and abrasion resistance. It does not, however, posses good resistance to ozone, sunlight or weather. Temperature range -20°C to + 80°C.

EPDM rubber sheeting

Ethylene Propylene rubber has outstanding resistance to ageing, weathering, ozone, oxygen and many chemicals. It has high and low temperature stability as well as steam and water resistance. It has a good resistance to glycol-ether hydraulic fluids but is not suitable for contact with petroleum liquids. Operational temperature range -25°C to + 100°C.

NR (Para) rubber sheeting

Natural rubber offers a good balance of properties, particularly for mechanical applications and can be compounded to produce high resilience, good tensile strength, low compression set and high tear properties over a wide range of hardnesses. The abrasion resistance of natural rubber is good. It has better resilience, and maintains flexibility at lower temperatures better than most synthetics. However, natural rubber is less resistant to ozone, petroleum oils and fluids than some of the synthetics. The operational temperature range of natural rubbers is -25°C to + 80°C.

Silicone (MPQ) rubber sheeting

Silicone rubber has excellent resistance to temperature extremes. Temperatures as high as 200°C have a little effect on the physical properties of the elastomer. However, it has poor tensile strength, tear, abrasion and steam resistance. It has very good resistance to sunlight, ozone, oxygen, gases and possesses good electrical insulation properties, water repellency and non adhesiveness. Temperature range -60°C to + 220°C.

Fluor Elastomer (FPM/Viton®) rubber sheeting

Viton® has a good resistance to most chemicals and commercial fluids. It has the ability to retain strength at elevated temperature and to withstand embrittlement during long term heat exposure. Temperature range -15°C to + 250°C.

PU (Polyurethane) sheeting

Polyurethane elastomers have outstanding abrasion resistance at moderate temperatures. It has very high tensile strength, tear strength and load bearing capabilities. It has resistance to oils, certain solvents, greases, ozone, sunlight and weather. Resistance to acids and alkalies is poor. Temperature range -30°C to + 80°C.

Flange gaskets

In addition to rubber sheets, we also have a wide range of flange gaskets. These seals can be supplied in all standard as well as in special dimensions. We supply versions with and without bolt holes. Standard sizes we supply are from DN15 to DN600.

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