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    New in our assortment – PTFE sheets and rods

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    We are pleased to inform you that we have expanded our range of sealing materials with PTFE sheets and rods.

    Virgin PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a formable engineering plastic. It is used for sealings in some of the most harsh environments. Not only does the material perform well across a wide temperature range, but it is also chemical resistant and FDA compliant. Read more about PTFE sheets and rods…


    Custom made services

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    In 2020, VR Trade moved to a new location in the port of Rotterdam. This new building offers VR Trade the possibility to increase its stocks and expand its logistics services. But even more important is that at this location the customer-specific services can be further expanded.

    We are now able to deliver customised products on top of our standard products. This includes customised gaskets, profiles and rubber mouldings based on a customer’s design. To get an impression of our services we would like to refer you to our company film.

    In the coming years we will further develop our services so that we can serve you even better and make you more successful.

    If you would like to know more about the services we can provide, please contact our sales department.

    New central warehouse opens

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    VR Trade’s basic approach in dealing with our customers’ technical questions and meeting their specific needs is to focus on providing personalised advice – especially with respect to product selection and logistics. “The products themselves may be generic, but nonetheless, we can distinguish ourselves in the marketplace with our focus on providing peace of mind to our customers. It’s all about problem-free supply chain management to ensure a smooth ordering process and reliable on-time delivery of the right product at the lowest possible price,” says Managing Director Theo Koesen.

    In early 2020 VR Trade opened its new central warehouse in the Port of Rotterdam. In the past, we engaged outside parties to handle our logistics, but we now manage the process ourselves. Rotterdam is the logistics hub for all of Europe, and accordingly provides us with good connections to other countries throughout the continent.

    “Because we now regulate logistics ourselves, we’re able to better control costs associated with ordering and supply,” he adds. “To achieve that, we make use of a warehouse management system that allows us to maintain our inventories at optimal levels.”

    To successfully compete for market share, it is vitally important to have a large supply of product on hand. “We are able to deliver to anywhere in Europe within two days. That means that our representatives can reduce their own inventories and as a result, minimise their costs.


    VR Premium sheeting

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    In 2019 we introduced a new line of high-quality rubber sheeting under the name VR Premium. The VR Premium line includes Neoprene (CR), Nitrile (NBR) and EPDM in various thicknesses.

    Each product consists of 100% of the respective polymer. That means that these rubber products are better suited to applications where more tensile strength, abrasion resistance or elongation is required. In addition, the rubbers have higher chemical resistance and can be applied at higher temperatures.

    If you are interested in these new products, we will be happy to provide you with samples. You can request them via sales department.

    Selecting the right sort of rubber for your application

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    Selecting the right rubber material for your application involves asking and answering a series of questions. For example, do you need a rubber compound that is resistant to high temperatures? Do you need a specialty elastomer that meets FDA requirements or that provides electrical insulation? Other considerations when choosing the right rubber compound include whether the product functions as a seal or transmits fluids, or if it absorbs vibration or dampens sound.

    VR Trade can supply numerous rubber materials and can help you source the right elastomer for your application. Every application is different, but understanding the basics of rubber selection is always important.

    Both the type of material to which they are exposed – for example, acids, bases and oils – and the length of this exposure affect the robustness of gaskets. Other custom rubber products require an elastomer with outstanding dielectric strength. Tensile strength, hardness (durometer), compression set, elongation at break, and minimum and maximum service temperatures are also important properties to consider.

    We have developed a guide to help you select the right rubber grade for your application. Our sales staff is of course always at your service to assist in selecting the right elastomer.

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