Rubber mat

VR Trade has an extensive range of rubber floor mats. The rubber mats are available in many designs and dimensions. Some of the outdoor rubber mats can be supplied in rolls of 10 meter length which could be useful for the application in ski areas. We have special rubber mats with fire classification and oil resistant mats for use in kitchens and workplaces. The mats are used as rubber door mats, flooring for stables, as outdoor rubber mats and in gyms.

Rubber floor mats

The rubber door and entrance mats come in various types, colors and sizes. This way you will always find a mat that is perfect for your door entrance.

Anti slip ring mats
Our rubber ring mats are an ideal choice to use in your lawns, play areas, sporting facility and entrances. The high quality rubber possesses the best anti slip quality for the best safety.

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Workplace mats

The workplace mats of VR Trade are the best possible solution to support your co-workers in their job. The anti-fatigue properties of these mats are the best in their class. VR Trade provides also anti-fatigue mats that are oil and grease resistant.

Stable mats

The stable mats from VR Trade are specially designed for horses and other cattle. The rubber mats are not only made for enduring heavy weights, but they are also very sustainable and give enough comfort to the animals when they are standing in a stable or during transport.

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