Hardness 50±5 Shore 00 (+/- 15 Shore A)
Density 120 ± 20 kg/m3
Working temperature -40°C +95°C
Colours Black, white, grey
Tensile strength 415 kPa
Thickness (mm) 2 to 50
Width (mm) 5 to 1.000
Length (mm) 10.000 or 20.000

Product Information

Versatile EPDM foam rubber

VR Trade supplies a wide range of foam (cellular) rubber sheets. The Foam rubber  sheets are available in various thicknesses and are made of EPDM quality. Sheets are used for sealing two surfaces or gaps in a specific appliance. Various industrial sectors use our products from construction and electrical to lighting and automotive Companies. Sheets are used for sound deadening purposes, leakage prevention, airflow reduction, packaging purposes as well as insulation, cushioning and shock absorption.

Features of EPDM foam rubber

The EPDM foam rubber sheet is highly resistant to weathering and ketones (acetone) and also UV light and ozone resistant. It does not perform well with oil, gasoline, mild acids, alkalis at normal concentration, alcohol and turpentine.


The EPDM cellular rubber is available in strips, sheets and plates. VR Trade can supply the EPDM in black, grey and white color. The strips are cut by VR Trade at the time the order is placed. This guarantees a good glue layer. The strips, sheets and plates can be supplied with or without one side self adhesive.

Material properties Data Standard 
Cellular structure closed
Curring agent peroxide
Colour black,white,grey
Temperature intermittent +130°C
Thermal conductivity 0,0501 Wm-1K-1 ASTM C 518-04
Elongation min. 150% ASTM D 412
Tear resistance 2,8 kg/cm (0,28 kN/m) ASTM D 624
Compression strength (at 25%) 0,35 kg/cm2 (35 kPa) ASTM 1056/85
Compression strength (at 50%) 0,7 kg/cm2 (70 kPa) ASTM 1056/85
Compression set 25% @ 22 hours 40% ASTM D 395
Compression set (30 mm) 25% @ 22 hours 20%
Fire classification O.K. FMVSS 302 – FIAT 50433
Water absorption (3 min) 2% ASTM D 1056
Hydrochloric acid test (0,02%) 15 min @ 90 °C max. shrinkage 3% EN ISO 11195-2/05