About VR Trade

VR Trade is a supplier of rubber and plastic products for the industry. Our mission is to provide customers throughout Europe with the right rubber solution within 72 hours.

To make this possible we have warehouses in the Netherlands and United Kingdom from where we deliver customers throughout Europe. From our sales offices in the Netherlands, France and Sweden we take care of the contacts with our customers. The employees at these locations have extensive knowledge and experience of many industries. In the Netherlands there is also a production location where we can tailor our products to the specific wishes of our customers.

In the industry, rubber and plastic components are used extensively, for example rubber plates, gaskets, mats, hoses and profiles. Often as seals or protection of vulnerable components. There are many types of elastomers, each with its own specific characteristics (flexibility, hardness, durability, heat resistance and chemical resistance). Within VR Trade we have extensive knowledge and experience to support you in finding the right solution.

VR Trade warehouse Rotterdam
We are built by the success of our customers


VR Trade originated from the Dutch producer of tires, Vredestein, which was founded in 1909 in The Hague. Vredestein mainly produced rubber tires for cars, agricultural vehicles and bicycles. In the 1960s, the range was expanded with tennis balls, shoe soles, matrasses and boots through acquisitions of, for example, Hevea.

Under the influence of globalization, Vredestein has focused more on the production of tires for vehicles since the 1970s. The other activities were divested, including the trading activities for rubber sheets, mats and profiles. This part continued independently after a management buy-out under the name VR Trade.